Dave Townley

CPYB -- Certified Professional Yacht Broker

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Erin Townley

Marketing & Video Specialist

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We are the Townley Team at Crusader Yacht Sales, specializing in buyer-broker and listing services. We travel locally, along the east coast, throughout the US and Caribbean as well as internationally to buy, sell and deliver yachts. We LOVE hitting the road with clients looking for that perfect boat. We also specialize in designing great listings and marketing your yacht when it’s time to move up, down, or out of yachting. We bring a very unique and concentrated approach to the yacht buying and selling process that you just won’t find elsewhere. Enjoy this website we’ve created to give you a taste of what we do and check out our testimonials from our collection of satisfied clients. We not only help you buy or sell your next or current yacht, we’re there for you long after the sale is done. Consider us a long term friend and advisor for all of your yachting needs..


Our Client Goal:

We know there are many brokers out there for you to choose from.  To stand out, we have to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the pack to be successful.  Our secret is plain and simple.  We take the time to really get to know you so we can understand your needs.  This requires a great bond before, during and after each and every deal.  We like to form friendships with our clients that help our Crusader family grow.  How is this the perfect synergy?  It’s great for you because we will remain a fantastic resource for your boating needs far into the future.  It’s great for us because you’ll send us more clients!


About the Townley Team:

Dave and Erin Townley, a father-daughter duo, bring a very personalized level of knowledge and professionalism to the yacht shopping process.  Dave is a certified professional yacht broker (CPYB) with over twenty years of experience in the business.  We’ve been aboard thousands of boats and have helped clients buy or sell several hundred yachts.  Every time we embark on a new adventure with a new client, our knowledge base balloons even more.  Couple this with extensive cruising experience on a wide variety of yachts, both power and sail, Dave & Erin provide an invaluable amount of boating knowledge when shopping for a yacht.  

Erin, having spent a lifetime around yachts, has shadowed her father and lived aboard various yachts for years.  With eight years in the business full-time, and a lifetime of cruising extensively as well, she brings a fresh and informed perspective to the process and can offer a lot of information about cruising as a child.  Majoring in communications and marketing, Erin brings a unique technical advertising approach to the selling method. She specializes in videography and photography with the use of high-end camera and drone equipment to make one-of-a-kind marketing videos for yachts and photo galleries that can’t be found anywhere else in the yacht market.

Dave & Erin are ready to help you with your next adventure.  We will travel far and wide by car, boat and plane both nationally and internationally to find the boat that best fits your needs.




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