You have so many choices in yacht brokers.  It's hard to find the right one who will really go to bat for you and get the job done well.  How does a broker get the job done well?

  • We do a comprehensive analysis of market history to set your price
  • We get to know your yacht as if it were our own
  • We make your yacht stand out
  • We play well with others
  • We check and analyze the market regularly with you
  • We get the job done

Researching a Price

So you want to sell your yacht.   You start contacting different brokers.  They are all giving you their sales pitch on how they can get top dollar for your yacht.  We like to take a different approach.  We analyze the market to figure out what your boat is really worth rather than tossing out a number.  We look back a full year at sold boat data as well as analyze current boat listings to compare your yacht to others on the market.  We then put together a pricing strategy based on what your boat will actually sell for. 

Knowing your Boat

If we are going to list your boat, we want to know it like it is our own.  We spend time thoroughly going through your yacht becoming completely familiar with it.  Why?  This helps us make a thorough listing of your yacht and it helps us become experts on its features so we can better highlight your boat to potential buyers.  No one likes calling a broker as a yacht buyer and having them go, "Huh? Let me look that boat up."  When people make inquiries, we want to be friendly and knowledgeable which means we need to know details of your yacht off the cuff.  We also like to know about how you used your boat.  Buyers like knowing how a yacht was used, where it traveled and what maintenance has been done.

Marketing is Key

Marketing is a basic concept.  If you want to sell a product, you need to make it look good.  We specialize in making fantastic boat listings that really help your yacht stand out.  When you look at various yacht listings on the internet, so many of them have only a few poorly taken photos (some even clearly taken by a smart phone camera, factory photos, or photos that have not even been rotated to upright).  These listings have only the basic spec information and, too often, do not even include facts like engine hours or updates.  We like to flood our listings with information so that an out-of-area buyer can know what he/she is looking at before coming to see the boat.  We take high resolution photos of your boat and then prep these 200+ photo packages into emails that are always ready to be sent to anyone inquiring.  We put an extensive inventory into every listing as well as a personal section labeled "Dave's Rating" where we give our take on your boat and systems.  Our goal is to make your yacht appealing before a shopper even sees it.

(Check out some of our listings here to see how we can market your boat.)

We play well with others

Our job is to sell your boat.  When we market your yacht, we welcome other brokers.  Why limit the sale of your yacht only to clients who come to us?  We don't believe in exclusivity.  If another broker can bring a buyer to the table, we are getting our job done because your yacht is being sold.  Too often, brokers only work with unrepresented buyers or they discourage other brokers from selling their yachts.  This shrinks the buying pool for your yacht  and makes it harder to sell.  It also takes more time, leaving you with added storage fees, loan interest payments, and insurance fees.

We like to be extremely helpful when other brokers come to us.  We will do courtesy showings for brokers who are not able to travel with their out-of-town clients and show the yacht for them.  We don't want the yacht shopping process to have the 'used car salesman' feel to it, which too often, it does.  It is important that brokers represent YOUR best interests, not their own.

Staying informed and getting the job done

We also believe in staying involved in the listing once it has gone live.  So many brokers list a boat and then have it sit on their sales lot until it goes.  Some even take older boat listings so they can use those boats as a comparison for their newer listings.  We do NOT want your boat sitting on the market.  Our job is to sell your boat.  Successfully selling your yacht involves a magic combination of three things: condition, price, and location.  If your yacht is in good shape, and it is available for marketing in an easy-to-access location and the price is right, then it should sell.

After we list your yacht, we check the market regularly, sending you updates on what similar boats have sold for and what current listings are asking so we can keep your boat competitively priced.  By staying informed, we can stay on top of the market and get the job done!