Here's the deal.  Buying a boat will likely be one of the more expensive investments you make in your life.  It's important to get it right.  Yes, the Internet and fancy yacht sales websites make poking around easier, but do they really get you closer to finding a great boat for a terrific price?  There are so many options out there.  Do you really know all the ins and outs of navigating the yacht buying and selling process, start to finish? It can get complicated!

This is where we come in.  Dave, with over 20 years of experience in the business, is CPYB certified. Looking at thousands of boats throughout his career as well as his personal cruising experience, Dave provides an invaluable amount of boating knowledge when shopping for a boat. Erin, who has shadowed her father for years and been working in the business full time for four years, is a born cruiser, growing up aboard her family's sailboat. As a live-aboard and cruiser, Erin provides a knowledgeable outlook on cruising needs.  Over the years, we have been on thousands of various boats with clients and become very familiar with different makes, models and their systems and have completed a great many successful transactions. 

Blah, blah, blah.  Every broker on every website will tell you nearly the same thing.  What REALLY makes us different?  LOTS! We'll explain.... 

  • Commitment
  • We treat your money as if it were our own
  • We go everywhere
  • We are with you long after the sale



We live and breathe this stuff seven days a week.  Ask any of our current and previous clients.  We love it and it shows.  You feel like dropping us an email with a question at midnight?  Don't be surprised if we answer right back and we end up chatting by phone in the middle of the night.  We also don't have any time limit on how long it takes to find your dream boat.  Are you just starting the education process and want some help or are you looking for a very specific brand, model and year of a boat?  We will put in the time to find your dream yacht.  We recently sold a Mason 44 to a client who we met and started working with three years ago.  We don't require you to be an immediate sale...our job is to help you find the perfect boat, and we understand that the process can take time.  We also want to be sure and take the time to check out all available options to make sure we are getting the best boat out there (or when selling, the best price).  Before we ink an offer, we will have exhaustively researched every aspect of the boat and looked at other current listings and boats that have recently sold to make sure we begin our negotiation from a position of knowledge and strength.

Looking for a retirement boat to start your cruising dreams and want it to be perfect?  We believe a broker should never push you to compromise just to make an easy sale.  A boat purchase is a huge purchase and you need to know that when you sign on the dotted line, you can feel confident about what you are getting.  We don't push you into any deals until the right one for you comes along.

Want to sell your boat?  We don't just piece together a listing from general specs that anyone can find on the internet.  We explain your yacht as if it were our own.  We get to intimately know your boat as if it were our own, that when when prospective buyers call, we can talk about it in detail.  We like to be able to explain all the ins and outs of your boat, where it has traveled, its maintenance history, and why it is for sale. 

We treat your money as if it were our money


We work really hard to help you spend your hard earned money extremely carefully.  We bring an objective perspective to the yacht shopping and selling process.  We won't rubber stamp your likes and dislikes.  We'll honestly evaluate your selections and decisions and give the best possible advice based on our experience and knowledge through the entire process.  With buyers, we'll constantly advise you on resale potential so you can maximize your return down the road when it's time to sell.  For sellers, we'll tell you exactly what you need to do to get the highest possible price for your yacht.  As large a transaction as this is, you must expect nothing less.

As listing agents, we are sometimes just one candidate among several being interviewed by a client who wants to list their yacht.  You want to know what your yacht is worth and how we'll get it sold for the highest possible price in the shortest possible time.  Interestingly (and sadly), the agent who often gets the job is the agent who gave the highest estimate of value, hoping you'll 'smell the money.'  They can always beat your price down later after the property has remained on the market at the wrong price for too long.  That's the wrong approach!  You're hiring us based on our professional assessment of your yacht and the comparable market.  There's a great deal of money at stake and you need a thorough and unbiased evaluation of how things really are.  We will do a complete market analysis of all similar boats currently for sale, under contract and sold recently so that, together, we can devise a logical and proactive approach to reaching our mutual goal -- selling your yacht.  Working together with you as a team, we want to DO the job, not just GET the job.  Make sense?



Most agents know only the boats in their boatyards or local area.  We go everywhere: up and down the East Coast, Washington, the Great Lakes, the Caribbean, Europe..the list goes on.  We specialize as traveling buyer-brokers who travel all over the place looking at different boats with our clients.  You may be from Maryland and want a specific brand and model of a boat.  You have tons of boats on the Chesapeake to choose from, but maybe the best one is up in Maine.  We will fly or drive up to go see it with you and see if it is the best choice in the best condition for the best price out there (bonus: it also makes for a fun delivery back when you buy a boat from out of town).  Because we travel so often for clients looking at boats, we have lots of notes and photos of the boats we go on.  This helps us when other clients have an interest in a boat out of town. 

We're with you long after the sale is done

A track of a "parking lot day" where we help our clients learn how to dock their new boat

A track of a "parking lot day" where we help our clients learn how to dock their new boat

Yeah, that's right.  You're stuck with us for the long haul.  We like to be there for you when you have boat questions, cruising questions, need help with a contractor or need to know where to find a good deal on parts and supplies.  We also like to spend time with you when you first buy your boat.  We go over the systems and we have 'parking lot day' where we help you practice maneuvering your yacht, learn how to dock it, anchor it, sail/drive it, and operate its systems.