• This app is one of the most popular apps for boaters.  It is acts like a chart plotter with interactive charts, waypoints, destinations, tides, currents, and logs.  This is our absolute favorite app and it is worth every penny!  (iPad: $54.99, iPhone: $10.99, Android: $10.36)

MyRadar Weather Radar

  • This app gives you up-to-date radar views of incoming weather with interactive maps. (free for apple and google products)


  • This app is a global wind analyzer with an interactive map that allows you to know wind, precipitation, pressure, temperatures, and wave data for any area. ($5.99 for apple and google products)

Boat Manager: Cost Management & Log Book

  • This app allows you to make a specific maintenance and log book for your boat with specific engine, genset and systems logs.  It is a great way to keep track of what work is done and how much money you are spending.  (free)


  • This is another app for logging trips and activities.  You can enter hourly travel info as well as notes, maps and pictures.  ($2.99)


  • This app is designed to track your anchor radius and if you drift or break free of your anchor it detects your location and alerts you that you have left your normal anchor radius.

How to Tie Knots

  • This app is an interactive app that helps you learn different nautical knots.