How we help you sell your boat:

  • Our boating history and experience as a broker
  • Sizzling your yacht
  • Intimacy
  • We're not lazy
  • Photos
  • Response time
  • Complete service


Boating history & experience as a broker

We know yachts.  We have spent a lifetime around boats, both power and sail.  We've lived on yachts and cruised extensively both along shore and off shore.  When we talk to buyers we speak as boaters, as if your boat is our boat. 



Our methods for selling your yacht are to act/think like a buyer.  Everyone browses from their office at work or their couch during football games at home.  Our job is to 'sizzle' your boat so much in print and in photos that buyers will pick up the phone to call or drop us an email about your boat before any others.  What questions would you ask about a boat if you were shopping?  We answer those questions right out of the gate before they even think to ask. 



From that original point of contact, we need to know your boat thoroughly inside and out.  You need to tell us EVERYTHING about it, the good and the bad, so we can acquaint potential buyers so completely that they reach that level of confidence and comfort and make an offer. 

We're not lazy

Look at 99% of the ads on YachtWorld (THE #1 place to market your yacht), and you'll find lousy photos, scant information, canned cut/paste specs taken directly from the manufacturer's brochures.  We don't do that.  We tell a story.  Our job as a seller is to get bodies in the door.  We do that with a flood of information.  Check out some of our listings here.



We'll take TONS of photos of your yacht.  While we can only get a limited number of low-resolution photos onto the internet listings, we take hundreds of pics that can instantly be emailed to an interested buyer.  Again, we're sizzling the yacht to out-of-town buyers before they invest the time and expense of coming from far away for a showing. 

Response time

There's nothing worse than an interested buyer who gets excited about a yacht, makes contact, and then hears nothing back.  We call this a 'moment of truth' in the sales industry.  Our phones and computers are always on.  We can (and will) respond to yacht inquiries 24/7.  It often catches people off guard when we respond in the middle of the night, but it's this responsiveness that helps us sell your boat. 

Complete service

We handle the process.  We find financing, arrange surveys and sea trials, coordinate insurance quotes, find marinas, and deliver yachts after purchase.  We help buyers after the sale learn how to operate their boat.  These tools help us turn shoppers into buyer

What we need from you:

1.  Help us help you sell your boat. 

It needs to be as immaculate as possible.  If updates are needed, spend the money to get them done.  It's a basic rule that $10K worth of needed work not done costs you $15K or $20K on the sales price. 

2.  We list boats to actually SELL them. 

Unlike many brokerages, we don't want to waste time listing yachts we can't sell.  We'll keep you informed of what's happening in the market.  We won't take a listing to use it to sell other boats.  Three things determine whether a yacht will sit or sell: CONDITION, LOCATION, & PRICE.  We work with you to make sure this magic combo is properly calibrated for a sale!

3.  Work with us. 

It's a team effort that will lead to a successful sale.  Be available; educate us thoroughly about your boat.  We'll get it done!