The Jellies are coming!!

Hello All! 

(Queue horror music..) The jellies have arrived in the mid-bay!  Despite all the rain we have been getting, the summer jellyfish have arrived in the mid-Chesapeake area leaving us all a little more hesitant to jump off the deck in this hot weather.  We highly recommend that for some good anchoring destinations you head north of the bay bridge to three awesome creeks that offer clear, clean, and most importantly, jelly-free swimming during the summer:  Fairlee Creek, Worton Creek and Still Pond.  

These three inlets are just north of Rock Hall on the Eastern Shore and all of them offer some great swimming and protected anchoring.  Fairlee Creek is the closest and smaller of the three and there is a fair amount of fresh water up there, which usually keeps the jellies at bay. Worton Creek, one of our favorite destinations on the bay, has a large protected anchorage and a Marina at the back of the creek is just a short dinghy ride away for ice and supplies.  Still Pond is the next inlet north and features two awesome small channels (only 3' for power and dinghies) that both open up to awesome large creeks (Still Pond Creek and  Churn Creek) that both offer good wildlife watching with bald eagles nests and other water fowl.  

All three are great destinations!  Check them out on your charts or Navionics!

Happy cruising!

Erin and Dave

P.S.  Get stung by a jelly?  Always keep some unseasoned meat tenderizer and white vinegar on board to help neutralize the sting.  You can also follow some of the steps at this site: