Alden 44 Delivery from RI to Canada via the Erie Canal

Hello All! 

We have just returned from a two week delivery of a beautiful 1977 Alden 44 from Newport, Rhode Island to Kingston, Ontario via the Erie Canal.  It was a fantastic trip despite the pressure of un-stepping the mast and having a 1,500 lb. mast over our deck for a week.  It was an incredible sail down Long Island Sound and around NYC.  The trip up the Hudson was beautiful with good weather.  We stopped at Hop-O-Nose Marina in Catskill, NY to have our mast taken down.  We motored the rest of the way north to the start of the Erie Canal and locked our way through 24 locks until we left the Erie and headed north on the Oswego River and canal system to Lake Ontario.  Then it was a straight shoot north to Kingston!  It was a fantastic trip with some great sailing! 

More pictures and details to come!

Erin and Dave