A funny note about a handheld VHF

So one of our favorite clients was recently having trouble with his handheld VHF.  He sent us this entertaining email about his troubles:

"So my handheld VHF radio on the boat has been acting kind of funny recently and I brought it home the other day to play with it. I fully charged the battery and left it on in our bathroom last night to see how long the battery would last. At precisely 2:36 AM this morning a voice cracked across the speaker and woke me up. "This is Tugboat something something calling something something about marker number something something"

At first I thought I was dreaming and fell back to sleep. But then it happened again, and again. It turns out that the Delaware River is about 2 miles from my house. 

A very chatty Tugboat captain was yammering away as I had to drag my sleepy ass out of bed to go turn off the radio. Turns out the Radio works fine. And my wife was not amused."