Tayana 55: Dave the Rigger

Hello All!

We have finally returned from our delivery trip from Annapolis, Maryland to St. Petersburg, Florida on the Tayana 55.  It was a fantastic trip...once we got going! Before we could depart Annapolis, we had to check the rigging for offshore sailing.  Unfortunately, we found that the tang plate for the lower shrouds had sheered in half!  This put a wrench in our departure plans, but leave it to Dave and some quick metal-work by Kato Marine to save the day!  Dave headed up the mast to remove the old plate, which meant removing the old pop rivets while hanging from the bosun's chair.  The plate was rushed off to Kato Marine who cut and fabricated a brand new custom plate in just one day!  After another thrip up the mast to install the new plate and tighten up the rig, we were ready to head off.

Check out the photos of Dave the Rigger up the mast as well as photos of the new plate and the old plate.

More photos of the trip to come!

Erin and Dave