Shopping: Sometimes the best deal isn't obvious...

Hello All!

With the boat show season quickly coming upon us, the fall shopping season is about the begin.  As we discuss in our SHOPPING PROCESS info, the steps we go through to help you find the perfect yacht are fairly simple...We start by narrowing down the makes, we find the perfect model and vintage, and finally we find the specific yacht we are looking for.  Then thinks can get a little tricky.

Sometimes, this final step actually leads us to several different yachts of the same make and model asking different prices.  

Now what?  How do you decide which of these similar yachts is worth it?  This is where the power of the spreadsheet becomes so important!  

Just because a seller is asking more money doesn't mean it is necessarily the more equipped yacht.  Just because a seller is asking less money doesn't mean it is necessarily the best deal.

When seriously considering a yacht, you need to look at the apples-to-apples comparison between the different yachts.  Dave and I have created a comprehensive spreadsheet that breaks down each yacht with what gear it has, doesn't have, and what gear it needs to suit an individual's needs.  We often find that the better deal on the market actually needs more updates and gear, making it a more expensive purchase in the long run.  A comprehensive spreadsheet helps us determine the actual sail-away cost of a yacht (purchase price, required upgrading expenses, acquisition expenses, etc.).  

These spreadsheets can help us find you the best deal, even when it isn't a clear case on the surface.

Want some more details?  Feel free to ask!

Erin and Dave